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Heater  3 White Ghost Putter    #1448

Head for putter


The Heater III Putter (Ghost™ Putter Style) is easier to aim than any other putter. The three large lines on the crown lend further alignment support. The two outer lines are spaced as far apart as the width of a golf ball. Position the ball between those lines when you address your putt — you\\\'ll be amazed at how easy it is to tell where the face is aiming.

White Ghost Putter color complements the white color of the ball, and also stands out easily and beautifully against green grass so you don\\\'t have to strain to see the topline. That takes the strain off your eyes and promotes a calm and confident state of mind.

Circular hole at the rear of the putterhead works in union with the three black lines on the crown and the golf ball to create a vivid secondary alignment aid that gives you complete assurance that your aim is true

360gram putter head with perfect balance and a high MOI to resist unwanted twisting.

# Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel/CNC Milled Polymer Insert Face
# Loft: 3°
# Weight: 360g Face Width: 3.65\\
Integra  I-Drive Hybrid    #1313

Head for hybrid


Launch the ball with total ease; just make a smooth swing and the ball is gone - straight and long!

Pull Face construction gives a higher COR promoting faster ball speed for increased distance

Shallow clubface design moves the CG position lower and farther back which makes the club easy to launch

Dramatically boosted MOI for consistent results even on mis-hits
  Infiniti IP-3 Pro Milled Face Wedge    #672



3 Wedge System 51 56 and 60 degrees w/stainless steel shafts and golf pride tour velvet grips. SPECIAL MOVING SALE PRICE $149.99 set of 3 of 54.99 each. Designed from the ground up for better players. Three holes drilled on the toe provide feel and balance for this extraordinarily versatile wedge. The perfectly flat face is precision CNC milled which imparts ideal spin and checking power on the green. Special heel grind allows opening of the club face for touch shots. The three wedges can be used individually or as a set. We’ve created them with the ideal bounce for each loft. Exclusive ground-back sole allows maximum versatility from a variety of conditions Precision milled flat face for maximum spin Soft 304 stainless steel for feel and control.