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Who is Tom Wells!

Reasons to have Tom Wells build your golf clubs:
Tom Wells has been hand making golf clubs for 43 years, long before Taylor made, Callaway and Adams ever existed. His club building and custom fitting techniques are widely used by today's major manufacturers. In the persimmon wood days of the 60's and 70's, he is regarded as the best technician in the world at implementing precise bulge , roll and loft angles to the club face.

Tom's crew of club builders is the best at the art of assembling golf clubs, because they are trained individually by the master club maker himself. Many of today's club builders are not knowledgeable of the functional characteristics of shafts, club heads and grips. Poorly assembled clubs is a major problem in the industry due to untrained home-based golf operators and newly established golf club makers.

If you want the very best custom made clubs up to 70% off, have Tom and his crew of expert club technicians build your next set. Remember, when you buy a set of clubs from the major manufacturers, 80% of the cost of the club is advertising and marketing expenses. The television ads and the exorbitant sponsorship costs of PGA Tour stars have driven the cost of golf clubs through the roof.

-Tom Wells, Owner and Master Club Builder since 1970