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Assure XS2 Ti Driver 
460c Beta titanium driver with a cup face design. Cup face is believed to be the better method in the production of the 4-piece forged titanium drivers. It is because with the cup face design, the weld line is positioned behind the hitting area, which will minimise the possibility for the weld line to crack under continuous impact on the face during the play. With the weld line behind the face, it also maximises the effective hitting area of the face of the driver.

The face thickness of this driver is a uniform 2.8mm. There is a minimum amount of performance difference with off centre hits. This also makes the driver forgiving and friendly to use.

There are 3 stabiliser bars on the crown. This design is to reduce the crown from buckling during high impact with the golf ball. With the reinforced crown, the idea is to tame the unwanted back spin for a more boring ball trajectory.

There is a 2 gram weight screw on a neutral position on the sole. This is designed for swing weight adjustment. In custom fitting, there may be situations that the clubmakers need to add weight to achieve desired swing weight.

There are 6 gram and 10 gram screws available for clubmakers to add weight to the clubhead without having to put weight in the hosel and/or inside the driver head. This weight screw is especially convenient when fitting with current day ultra light weight graphite shafts.

Material: Steel
Ship Weight: 0.50 lbs.

Club Loft Lie Face
1W-driver 9.5° 59° $140.00
1W-driver 11° 59° $140.00
1W-driver 13° 59° $140.00