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How To Regrip

Simple. Lower Scores. Having a relaxed, light pressure grip is the most fundamental aspect of the swing. Worn grips that no longer have traction force you to squeeze the grip too tightly and adversely effects your swing. Fresh grips allow you maintain the necessary light hold on the club while making a flowing swing.

It is also important to realize that grips do wear out. Did you know that some Touring Professionals change their grips as frequently as every month? These are the best players in the world who know the importance of a good grip. Of course, you probably don’t play as frequently as Touring Pros. But you should still change your grips at least once and more realistically twice a year to maintain optimal performance. Even if you only play a few times a year your grips should be replaced annually. New, fresh grips can lead to lower scores. Lower scores lead to more enjoyment of the game. Replace your worn grips and start having more fun today!

6 Easy Steps For Installing New Grips
Using Avery Dennison Water Activated Tape

Step 1

Prepare a solution of 30 parts warm tap water with 1 part liquid detergent or baby shampoo.

Step 2

Place the sticky (non-linered) side of the tape lengthwise on the shaft with approximately 1/4" tape extending over the end of the shaft.

Step 3

Remove the paper release liner and smooth tape around shaft; tuck excess tape into the shaft opening.

Step 4

Pour the water/soap solution into the grip, approximately 3/4 full, while blocking the small hole at the end so that solution does not flow out.

Step 5

Pour the water/soap solution out of the grip and over the tape-covered shaft. Be sure to moisten all of the tape, spreading the solution by hand if necessary.

Step 6

Place the grip's opening onto the shaft and slide the grip all the way into position on the shaft. Do not block the small hole at the end of the grip. Make sure the grip is properly aligned with the head of the golf club. Wipe off any excess adhesive and water. The club will be ready for use within four hours.

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